Excel COUNT Function

Excel COUNT Function

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Count numbers

Return value 

A number representing a count of numbers.


=COUNT (value1, [value2], …)


  • value1 – An item, cell reference, or range.
  • value2 – [optional] An item, cell reference, or range.

Usage notes 

The COUNT function counts the number of numbers in supplied values. Values can be items, cell references, or ranges. For example, =COUNT(1, 2, “apple”) returns 2. And COUNT(A1:A10) will count the number of numeric values in the range A1:A10.

Count can handle up to 255 additional values.

Use COUNTA to include text and logical values. Use COUNTIF to count based on criteria.


  • Error values or text values that cannot be coerced into numbers are not counted
  • The logical values TRUE and FALSE are not counted.
  • Empty cells and text are not counted.

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