Excel EDATE Function

Excel EDATE Function

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Get the same date in future or past months

Return value 

A serial number that represents a particular date in Excel.


=EDATE (start_date, months)


  • start_date – A date that represents the start date in a valid Excel serial number format.
  • months – The number of months before or after start_date.

Usage notes 

Use EDATE to get the same date in future or past months. For months, use a positive value for future dates and a negative value for dates in the past.

EDATE is clever about rolling “end of month” dates forwards or backwards. For example, =EDATE(“1/31/2015”,1) returns the date “2/28/2015” and =EDATE(“1/31/2016”,1) returns “2/29/2016”, since 2016 is a leap year.


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