Excel ERROR.TYPE Function

Excel ERROR.TYPE Function

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Test for a specific error value

Return value 

An error number or #N/A if no error.


=ERROR.TYPE (error_val)


  • error_val – The error for which to get an error code.

Usage notes 

Use ERROR.TYPE to get a number that corresponds to a specific error value. See below for a key to the error codes returned by ERROR.TYPE. If no error exists, ERROR.TYPE returns #N/A.

In most cases, error_val will be supplied as a reference to a cell that may contain an error value.

One way to use ERROR.TYPE is to test for specific errors and display a relevant message (instead of error values) when certain error conditions exist.

Error code key:

1 = #NULL!
2 = #DIV/0!
3 = #VALUE!
4 = #REF!
5 = #NAME?
6 = #NUM!
7 = #N/A
#N/A =

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