Excel Formulas


FormulaRelated Functions
Count unique numeric values in a range
Count unique numeric values with criteria
Count unique text values in a range
Count unique text values with criteria
Count unique values in a range with COUNTIF
Count visible rows in a filtered list
Count visible rows only with criteria
COUNTIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic
Running count of occurrence in list
Summary count with COUNTIF


FormulaRelated Functions
Sum if date is greater than
Sum if ends with
Sum if equal to either x or y
Sum if greater than
Sum if less than
Sum if multiple criteria
Sum if cells not blank
Sum top n values
Sum visible rows in a filtered list
SUMIFS with multiple criteria and OR logic


FormulaRelated Functions
Average numbers
Average numbers ignore zero
Average top 3 scores
Weighted average

Min and Max

FormulaRelated Functions
Maximum if multiple criteria
Maximum value
Maximum value if
Minimum if multiple criteria
Minimum value
Minimum value if
nth largest value
nth largest value with criteria
nth smallest value
nth smallest value with criteria

Conditional Formatting

FormulaRelated Functions
Highlight entire rows
Highlight every other row
Highlight integers only
Highlight rows that contain specific text
Highlight rows with dates between
Highlight unique values
Highlight values between
Highlight values greater than
Highlight values not between X and Y
Highlight values that don’t exist


FormulaRelated Functions
Position of max value in list
Related info for max value in range
Self-contained VLOOKUP
Two-way lookup with INDEX and MATCH
Two-way lookup with VLOOKUP
VLOOKUP with 2 lookup tables
VLOOKUP with calculated column index
VLOOKUP with numbers and text
VLOOKUP with two or more criteria
VLOOKUP without #N/A error


FormulaRelated Functions
If cell equals
If cell is blank
If cell is greater than
If cell is not blank
If cell is this OR that
If cell is x or y and z
If else
If NOT this or that
If this AND that
Nested IF function example


FormulaRelated Functions
Round a number down to nearest multiple
Round a number to n significant digits
Round a number to nearest multiple
Round a number up
Round a number up to nearest multiple
Round a number up to next half
Round a price to end in .99
Round time to nearest 15 minutes
Round to nearest 1000
Round to nearest 5

Date And Time

FormulaRelated Functions
Get workdays between dates
Get year from date
Group times into 3 hour buckets
Group times into unequal buckets
Next business day 6 months in future
Pad week numbers with zeros
Sum race time splits
Total hours that fall between two times
Workdays per month
Year is a leap year

Date Series

FormulaRelated Functions
Series of dates by day
Series of dates by month
Series of dates by weekends
Series of dates by workdays
Series of dates by year



FormulaRelated Functions
Calculate compound interest
Calculate simple interest



FormulaRelated Functions
Get domain from email address
Get domain name from URL
Get name from email address
Get top level domain (TLD)


FormulaRelated Functions
Get first name from Last, First
Get first name from name
Get last name from Last, First
Get last name from name
Get middle name from full name
Join first and last name
Put names into proper case


FormulaRelated Functions
Get amount with percentage
Get original price from percentage discount
Get percent change
Get percentage discount
Get percentage of total
Get profit margin percentage
Get total from percentage
Increase by percentage
Percent of goal
Percent of students absent


FormulaRelated Functions
First row number in range
Get relative column numbers in range
Get relative row numbers in range
Last column number in range
Last row number in range
Range contains a value not in another range
Range contains numbers
Total cells in a range
Total columns in range
Total rows in range


FormulaRelated Functions
Random date between two dates
Random number between two numbers
Random text values
Randomly assign data to groups
Range contains one of many substrings
Range contains one of many values
Range contains specific text
Range contains specific value
Reverse a list or range
Transpose table without zeros
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