Excel FORMULATEXT Function

Excel FORMULATEXT Function

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Get the formula in a cell

Return value 

The formula as text


=FORMULATEXT (reference)


  • reference – Reference to cell or cell range.

Usage notes 

You can use the FORMULATEXT function to extract a formula as text from a cell. Once extracted, you can work with the formula like any other text.

Remember that you can temporarily display all formula in a worksheet with a keyboard shortcut.

If you just want to test to see if a cell contains a formula or not, use the ISFORMULA function.


  • If you use FORMULATEXT on a cell that doesn’t contain a formula, you’ll get an #N/A error.
  • You can reference another workbook, but if the workbook is not open, you’ll get an #N/A error.
  • FORMULATEXT was introduced in Excel 2013.

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