Excel FREQUENCY Function

Excel FREQUENCY Function


Get the frequency of values in a data set

Return value 

A vertical array of frequencies


=FREQUENCY (data_array, bins_array)


  • data_array – An array of values for which you want to get frequencies.
  • bins_array – An array of intervals (“bins”) for grouping values.

Usage notes 

You can use Excel’s FREQUENCY function to create a frequency distribution – a summary table that shows the frequency (count) of each value in a range.  FREQUENCY counts how often values occur in a set of data. It returns a vertical array of numbers that represent frequencies.


  1. Because FREQUENCY always returns an array, it needs to be entered as an array formula or with other functions that handle the array.
  2. FREQUENCY always returns an array with one more item than the bins_array. This is by design, to catch any values greater than the largest interval in the bins_array.

To create a frequency distribution using FREQUENCY:

  1. Enter numbers that represent the bins you want to group values into
  2. Make a selection the same size as the range that contains bins, or one greater if want to include the extra item
  3. Enter the FREQUENCY function as an array formula using Control+Shift+Enter

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