Excel Functions

Discover how functions in Excel help you save time.

Date and time

SECOND Get the Second as a number (0-59) from a Time serial_number
TIME Create a time with hours, minutes, and seconds hour minute second
TIMEVALUE Get a valid time from a text string time_text
TODAY Get the current date
WEEKDAY Get the day of the week as a number serial_numberreturn_type
WEEKNUM Get the week number for a given date serial_numreturn_type
WORKDAY Get a date n working days in the future or past start_date daysholidays
WORKDAY.INTL Get date and working days in future or past start_date daysweekend holidays
YEAR Get the year from a date date
YEARFRAC Get the fraction of a year between two dates start_date end_datebasis


CONVERT Convert measurement units number from_unit to_unit


FV Get the future value of an investment rate nper pmtpv type
NPER Get the number of periods for an investment rate pmt pvfv type
PMT Get the periodic payment for a loan rate pmt pvfv type
PV Get the present value of an investment rate nper pmtfv type
RATE Get the interest rate per period of an annuity nper pmt pvfv type guess


ISLOGICAL Test if a value is logical value
ISNA Test for the #N/A error value
ISNUMBER Test for numeric value value
ISODD Test if a value is odd value
ISREF Test for a reference value
ISTEXT Test for a text value value
N Convert a value to a number value
NA Create an #N/A error
TYPE Get the type of value in a cell value


AND Test multiple conditions with AND logical1logical2 ...
FALSE Generate the logical value FALSE
IFERROR Trap and handle errors value value_if_error
NOT Reverse arguments or results logical
OR Test multiple conditions with OR logical1logical2 ...
TRUE Generate the logical value TRUE
LOG Get the logarithm of a number numberbase

Lookup and reference

HYPERLINK Create a clickable link. link_locationfriendly_name
LOOKUP Look up a value in a one-column range lookup_value lookup_vectorresult_vector
MATCH Get the position of an item in an array lookup_value lookup_arraymatch_type
ROW Get the row number of a reference reference
ROWS How to use the Excel ROWS function to Get the number of rows in an array or reference. array
TRANSPOSE Flip the orientation of a range of cells array
VLOOKUP Lookup a value in a table by matching on the first column value table col_indexrange_lookup


SIGN Get the sign of a number. number
SIN Get the sine of an angle number
SQRT Find the positive square root of a number number
SUBTOTAL Get a subtotal in a list or database function_num ref1ref2 ...
SUM Add numbers together number1number2 number3 ...
SUMIF Sum numbers in a range that meet supplied criteria range criteriasum_range
SUMPRODUCT Multiply, then sum arrays array1array2 ...
TAN Get the tangent of an angle. number


LARGE Get the nth largest value array n
MEDIAN Get the median of a group of numbers number1numer2 ...
MIN Get the smallest value. array
MODE Get the mode of a group of numbers number1number2 ...
RANK Rank a number against a range of numbers number arrayorder
SMALL Get the nth smallest value array n
STDEV Get the standard deviation in a sample number1number2 ...
STDEV.P Get standard deviation of population number1number2 ...
STDEV.S Get the standard deviation in a sample number1number2 ...
STDEVP Get standard deviation of population number1number2 ...


TRIM Remove extra spaces from text
UPPER Convert text to upper case textnum_chars
VALUE Convert text to a number text