Excel LARGE Function

Excel LARGE Function

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Get the nth largest value

Return value 

The nth largest value in the array.


=LARGE (array, n)


  • array – The array from which you want to select the kth largest value.
  • n – An integer that specifies the position from the largest value, i.e. the nth position.

Usage notes 

The LARGE function is useful when you want to retrieve “top” values from a set of data. For example, the first, second, and third results in a competition.

array can be an array constant or a range of cells.

n is the position away from the largest value. For example, use 2 for the 2nd largest value, 3 for the 3rd largest value, etc.

Microsoft uses “k” instead of “n” in their function documentation. Exceljet uses n because “nth” is more familiar than “kth”.

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