Excel Shortcuts


Create new workbook Ctrl NN
Open workbook Ctrl OO
Save workbook Ctrl SS
Save as F12S
Print file Ctrl PP
Open print preview window Ctrl F2 
Close current workbook Ctrl F4W
Close Excel Alt F4Q


Expand or collapse ribbon Ctrl F1R
Activate access keys Alt 
Move to next ribbon control TabTab
Activate or open selected control SpaceSpace
Confirm control change EnterReturn
Get help on selected control F1 


Open help F1/
Undo last action Ctrl ZZ
Redo last action Ctrl YY
Copy selected cells Ctrl CC
Repeat last action F4Y
Cut selected cells Ctrl XX
Paste content from clipboard Ctrl VV
Display the Paste Special dialog box Ctrl Alt VV
Display find and replace Ctrl FF
Display find and replace, replace selected Ctrl HH
Find previous match Ctrl Shift F4G
Find next match Shift F4G
Create embedded chart Alt F1Fn F1
Create chart in new worksheet F11Fn F11
Toggle Autofilter Ctrl Shift LF
Activate filter Alt
Insert table Ctrl TT
Select table row Shift SpaceSpace
Select table column Ctrl SpaceSpace
Select table Ctrl AA

Drag and Drop

Drag and cut dragdrag
Drag and copy Ctrl dragdrag
Drag and insert Shift dragdrag
Drag and insert copy Ctrl Shift dragdrag
Drag to worksheet Alt dragdrag
Drag to duplicate worksheet Ctrl dragdrag


Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Move one screen right Alt PgDnFn
Move one screen left Alt PgUpFn
Move one screen up PgUpFn
Move one screen down PgDnFn
Move to right edge of data region Ctrl
Move to left edge of data region Ctrl
Move to top edge of data region Ctrl
Move to bottom edge of data region Ctrl
Move to beginning of row HomeFn
Move to last cell in worksheet Ctrl EndFn
Move to first cell in worksheet Ctrl HomeFn
Turn End mode on EndFn


Select entire row Shift SpaceSpace
Select entire column Ctrl SpaceSpace
Select entire worksheet Ctrl AA
Add adjacent cells to selection Shift ClickClick
Add non-adjacent cells to selection Ctrl ClickClick
Same selection in next column  Tab
Same selection in previous column  Tab
Move right between non-adjacent selections Ctrl Alt
Move left between non-adjacent selections Ctrl Alt
Toggle add to selection mode Shift F8Fn F8
Cancel selection EscEsc

Active Cell

Select active cell only Shift BackspaceDelete
Show the active cell on worksheet Ctrl BackspaceDelete
Move active cell clockwise in selection Ctrl ..
Move active cell down in selection EnterReturn
Move active cell up in selection Shift EnterReturn
Move active cell right in a selection TabTab
Move active cell left in a selection Shift TabTab

Extend Selection

Extend selection by one cell right Shift
Extend selection by one cell left Shift
Extend selection by one cell up Shift
Extend selection by one cell down Shift
Extend the selection to the last cell right Ctrl Shift
Extend the selection to the last cell left Ctrl Shift
Extend the selection to the last cell up Ctrl Shift
Extend the selection to the last cell down Ctrl Shift
Extend selection up one screen Shift PgUpFn
Extend selection down one screen Shift PgDnFn
Extend selection right one screen Alt Shift PgDnFn
Extend selection left one screen Alt Shift PgUpFn
Extend selection to start of row Shift HomeFn
Extend selection to first cell in worksheet Ctrl Shift HomeFn
Extend selection to last cell in worksheet Ctrl Shift EndFn
Toggle extend selection mode F8Fn F8

Select Special

Display ‘Go To’ dialog box Ctrl GG
Select cells with comments Ctrl Shift OFn O
Select current region around active cell Ctrl Shift *Space
Select current region Ctrl AA
Select current array Ctrl //
Select row differences Ctrl
Select column differences Ctrl Shift ||
Select direct precedents Ctrl [[
Select all precedents Ctrl Shift {{
Select direct dependents Ctrl ]]
Select all dependents Ctrl Shift }}
Select visible cells only Alt ;Z

Cell edit mode

Edit the active cell F2U
Insert or edit comment Shift F2Fn F2
Cancel entry EscEsc
Select one character right Shift
Select one character left Shift
Move one word right Ctrl
Move one word left Ctrl
Select one word right Ctrl Shift
Select one word left Ctrl Shift
Select to beginning of cell Shift HomeFn
Select to end of cell Shift EndFn
Delete to end of line Ctrl DeleteDelete
Delete character to the left of cursor BackspaceDelete
Delete character to the right of cursor DeleteFn Delete
Start a new line in the same cell Alt EnterReturn

Entering data

Enter and move down EnterReturn
Enter and move up Shift EnterReturn
Enter and move right TabTab
Enter and move left Shift TabTab
Complete entry and stay in same cell Ctrl EnterReturn
Enter same data in multiple cells Ctrl EnterReturn
Insert current date Ctrl ;;
Insert current time Ctrl Shift ::
Fill down from cell above Ctrl DD
Fill right from cell left Ctrl RR
Copy formula from cell above Ctrl
Copy value from cell above Ctrl Shift
Add hyperlink Ctrl KK
Display AutoComplete list Alt
Flash fill Ctrl E 


Format (almost) anything Ctrl 11
Display Format Cells with Font tab selected Ctrl Shift FF
Apply or remove bold formatting Ctrl BB
Apply or remove italic formatting Ctrl II
Apply or remove underscoring Ctrl UU
Apply or remove strikethrough formatting Ctrl 5X
Add or remove the shadow font style  W
Add or remove the outline font style  D
Align center Alt H A CE
Align left Alt H A LL
Align right Alt H A RR
Indent Alt H 6Tab
Remove indent Alt H 5Tab
Increase font size one step Alt H FG>
Decrease font size one step Alt H FK<

Number Formatting

Apply general format Ctrl Shift ~~
Apply currency format Ctrl Shift $$
Apply percentage format Ctrl Shift %%
Apply scientific format Ctrl Shift ^^
Apply date format Ctrl Shift ##
Apply time format Ctrl Shift @@
Apply number format Ctrl Shift !!


Add border outline Ctrl Shift &0
Add or remove border right Alt R
Add or remove border left Alt L
Add or remove border top Alt T
Add or remove border bottom Alt B
Add or remove border upward diagonal Alt D 
Add or remove border horizontal interior Alt H 
Add or remove border vertical interior Alt V 
Remove borders Ctrl Shift __


Toggle absolute and relative references F4T
Open the Insert Function Dialog Box Shift F3Fn F3
Autosum selected cells Alt =T
Toggle formulas on and off Ctrl ``
Insert function arguments Ctrl Shift AA
Enter array formula Ctrl Shift EnterReturn
Calculate worksheets F9Fn F9
Calculate active worksheet Shift F9Fn F9
Force calculate all worksheets Ctrl Alt F9 
Evaluate part of a formula F9Fn F9
Expand or collapse the formula bar Ctrl Shift UU
Display function arguments dialog box Ctrl AA
Define name Ctrl F3Fn F3
Define name using row and column labels Ctrl Shift F3Fn Shift F3
Paste name into formula F3 
Accept function with autocomplete TabTab

Grid Operations

Display Insert Dialog box Ctrl Shift +I
Insert rows Ctrl Shift +I
Insert columns Ctrl Shift +I
Display Delete dialog box Ctrl
Delete rows Ctrl
Delete columns Ctrl
Delete cells Ctrl
Delete contents of selected cells DeleteFn Delete
Hide columns Ctrl 00
Hide rows Ctrl 99
Unhide rows Ctrl Shift 99
Unhide columns Ctrl Shift 00
Group rows or columns Alt Shift K
Ungroup rows or columns Alt Shift J
Open Group Dialog Box Alt Shift K
Open Ungroup Dialog Box Alt Shift J
Hide or show outline symbols Ctrl 88

Pivot Tables

Select entire pivot table Ctrl AA
Toggle pivot table field checkbox SpaceSpace
Group pivot table items Alt Shift K
Ungroup pivot table items Alt Shift J
Hide pivot table item Ctrl Ctrl
Create pivot chart on same worksheet Alt F1 
Create pivot chart on new worksheet F11Fn F11
Open pivot table wizard Alt D PP


Insert new worksheet Shift F11fn F11
Go to next worksheet Ctrl PgDnFn
Go to previous worksheet Ctrl PgUpFn
Move to next pane F6Fn F6
Move to previous pane Shift F6Fn F6
Go to next workbook Ctrl TabTab
Go to previous workbook Ctrl Shift TabTab
Minimize current workbook window Ctrl F9M
Maximize current workbook window Ctrl F10fn F10
Select adjacent worksheets Shift ClickClick
Select non-adjacent worksheets Ctrl ClickClick
Toggle scroll lock ScrLkFn F14

Dialog boxes

Move to next control TabTab
Move to previous control Shift TabTab
Move to next tab Ctrl TabTab
Move to previous tab Ctrl Shift TabTab
Accept and apply EnterReturn
Check and uncheck box SpaceSpace
Cancel and close the dialog box EscEsc


Open Spelling dialog box F7Fn F7
Open Thesaurus dialog box Shift F7Fn F7
Open Macro dialog box Alt F8Fn F8
Open VBA Editor Alt F11Fn F11
Duplicate object Ctrl DD
Snap to grid Alt
Hide or show objects Ctrl 66
Display Modify Cell Style dialog box Alt L
Display shortcut menu Shift F10Fn F10
Display control menu Alt Space?
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