Excel TYPE Function

Excel TYPE Function


The Excel TYPE function returns a numeric code representing “type” in 5 categories: number = 1, text = 2, logical = 4, error = 16, and array = 64. Use TYPE when the operation of a formula depends on the type of value in a particular cell.


Get the type of value in a cell

Return value 

A numeric code representing type


=TYPE (value)


  • value – The value to check the type of.

Usage notes 

Use TYPE to test the value in a particular cell so that other functions that depend on the type can perform as expected.

You can use TYPE to find out the type of data that is returned by a function or formula.

You can’t use TYPE to test for a formula, because TYPE evaluates the result of formulas and functions.

The table below shows the possible type codes returned from TYPE and the meaning of each:

Type code Meaning
1 Number
2 Text
4 Logical value
16 Error value
64 Array


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