Get name from email address

Get name from email address

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If want to extract the name part of an email address, you can do so with a formula that uses the LEFT and FIND functions. In the generic form above, email represents the email address you are working with.

In the example, we are using this formula:


Here’s how the formula works:

At the core, this formula is extracting characters starting from the left, and using the FIND function to figure out how many characters to extract.

First, FIND looks for the “@” character inside the email address ““. The “@” character is the 7th character so FIND returns 7. The number 1 is then subtracted from 7 to yield 6. This is done to prevent the formula from extracting the “@” along with the name. The LEFT function then extracts 6 characters from the email address, starting from the left. So:

=LEFT(C4,FIND("@",C4)-1) =LEFT("",FIND("@","")-1) =LEFT("",7-1) =LEFT("",6) ="meimei"


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