Sum if multiple criteria

Sum if multiple criteria

=SUMIFS(sum_rng, crit_rng1, crit1, crit_rng2, crit2)

If you need to sum numbers based on multiple criteria, you can use the SUMIFS function.

In the example shown, the formula in G8 is:


How this formula works

The first range (D4:D11) are the cells to sum, called the “sum range”.

Criteria are supplied in pairs…(range / criteria).

The first criteria pair is (B4:B11 / “green”). This means cells in B4:B11 must equal “green”.

The second criteria pair is (C4:C11 / “>15”). Cells in C4:C11 must *also* be > 15.

These cells in the sum range will only be summed when all criteria pass.

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