Function Purpose Param,Optional
CHAR Get a character from a number number
CLEAN Strip non-printable characters from text text
CODE Get the code for a character text
CONCATENATE Join text together text1 text2text3
DOLLAR Convert a number to text in currency format number decimals
EXACT Compare two text strings text1 text2
FIND Get the location of text in a string
LEFT Extract text from the left of a string
LEN Get the length of text.
LOWER Convert text to lower case
MID Extract text from inside a string
PROPER Capitalize the first letter in each word
REPLACE Replace text based on location
REPT Repeat text as specified
RIGHT Extract text from the right of a string
SEARCH Get the location of text in a string
SUBSTITUTE Replace text based on content
TEXT Convert a number to text in a number format
TRIM Remove extra spaces from text
UPPER Convert text to upper case textnum_chars
VALUE Convert text to a number text

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